The name of the world famous model is Amazon Eve. Her title of ‘The world’s tallest model’ has been given her by the Guinness Book of Records. She literally towers over others Bunnies, you know. Last week Amazon took a part in a fundraising party. And she wants to pose for Playboy nude by tradition.
In interview she said that for her photo shoot she needs to reduce her muscle mass and soften up a bit. That’s true, because her body surface is too much relief, but nevertheless it looks amazing and sporty. She believes, Hef will make her pictures tasteful and in the sexiest way.
During the fundraising party, Eve wasn’t dressed appropriately. She told about it with a smile, justifying this by the absence of info – she didn’t know it was a lingerie party. She mentioned that other girls danced around her like she was a stripper pole. It was quite fun!
Few people know that she worked as a paralegal and a personal trainer, but the real success found her, when she appeared on the cover of Zoo Weekly. This issue was said to be the most successful for them. Playboy is the next step to the fame!