The first Japanese Playmate of Playboy Hiromi Oshima is back, and as you can see she’s still good at modeling. You should know, she first appeared on the cover of Playboy in 2003. It was Special Editions Exotic Beauties issue. In 2005 she was photographed for the Playboy Mansion swimsuit calendar. She starred some Playboy and music videos. But later, Hiromi disappeared.
But, don’t worry, Hiromi gave an interview, in which she told about everything. Firstly, Playboy was her craziest experience in the entire life. She adores music, being on stage and McDonald’s french fries! Now she’s going to write a book about her life and career. She promised to make it this year. She is very proud of her nationality. She says she’s very glad her parents gave her such small and cute body. It’s actually the most compliment her on by guys.
As for guys… Oshima likes interesting personalities. Her conviction is that the guy is ugly inside – he is ugly. She doesn’t like drunkards or romantic persons. On the first date she wants to find out the real personality, without any attention to their reflection in the mirror. She also doesn’t like those, who can’t put their cell phone down during the lunch or dinner.
Can’t wait her new photos and videos! Now enjoy her latest pictures at the moment.