The first person, who noticed the illness was David Castello, co-founder of Castello Cities Internet Network. He was at a conference Feb. 3, part of which was at the famous Playboy Mansion. He said he felt sick very quickly, about 20 minutes. He had got high temperature and headache. Later, a lot of people, who were seen at the mansion, appealed to the doctors. The number of Playboy partygoers, who asked for medical help, was about 200 people. All of them got sick with a flu-like symptoms. And at least four of them (for now!) were diagnosed like having Legionnaire’s disease. Though it was in a mild form, they had fever and headaches, actually achiness in the entire body.
Well, now the goal of health officials is to find the reason of such kind of epidemic, which appeared in Hugh Hefner’s mansion. As for the statistic, Legionnaire’s disease is not a rare thing. It covers between 8,000 and 18,000 Americans every year. It’s not unknown for now, what was the source of exposure, and whether it was limited to a specific location. Mansion is being discovered, and we hope everything gonna be all right with this paradise-place. Will see!