Holly Madison said on HDNet show that won’t go to the Hef’s wedding. There are many reasons, and she told them on the show without any childishness7 First of all, she assure us that she doesn’t want to be an ex-girlfriend on the wedding, because all the attention should be owed by them. She’s OK with her feelings, but she won’t show up and be the reason for new gossips.
The event is on this summer, and Holly knows what to say to journalists. She admitted that her phrase will be “The reason is because I have a show in Vegas.” And thats not a lie! She has already met the pair in January for a taped segment for her hit show on E!. All the conversation was a little bit awkward for everybody of this love triangle. Well, that’s all we know at the moment, but you’ll know the latest news, gossips and proven facts as far as they arise.